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        Service hotline : 0512-63229305

        Five support
        Giving maximum gain confidence to Meiaisi’s partners, remove trouble back at home.
        ◆Pieces of reasonable media advertising plan
        We will focus on the target consumer groups, match the dealer's strong sales campaign,proceed media propaganda timely.

        ◆ Impact of sales promotion action extremely
        Promotion - In the main city, holding various marketing activities to support to product promotion.

        ◆ More reasonable return policy
        Flexible reasonable return mechanism to remove your worries.

        ◆Careful and meticulous terminal support and training
        National unified image counters design support , reasonable business super product barcode support, a variety of terminal promotional items and gifts, timely marketing actual combat training, help dealers shape capable marketing team.
        ◆Excellent marketing team support

        We will have many market experience and sense of responsibility of the sales staff to help you in terms of product distribution and market terminal maintenance.


        Five star service
        Advocating "unlimited service" concept, to provide the best service and maximum benefit for Meiaisi’s partners.
        ◆Rest assured services: The products quality of Meiaisi ensure each sell agent rest assured.

        ◆Security service:Sales staff at all levels would be in the good working attitude and manner, to provide guarantee for agents .

        ◆Free from worry service: The pre-sale, sale, after-sales service for the dealer envisioned extremely detailed content, enough to make them worry.

        ◆Happy service: Profit space and high grade &high value sense product can bring greater psychological pleasure and pride for Meiaisi agent.

        ◆Responsible service: Meiaisi, depending on the dealers interests above all the sense of responsibility, make each dealer form a stronger sense of identity , thus deepening the close relationship with each other.


        Wealth comes from where
        ◆Unified terminal visualize
        ◆Considerable profit space
        ◆Perfect replacement mechanism
        ◆Professional authoritative technology
        ◆Normative marketing planning

        Advisory x
        Can I help you
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