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        The successful completion of the shareholding system reform of Jiangsu Meiaisi Cosmetics Corp.,Ltd.

        Time :2016-03-22   ?   Columns : News   ?   Browse : 2187

        The successful completion of the shareholding system reform of Jiangsu Meiaisi Cosmetics Corp.,Ltd.

        On September 27, 2015, when the Mid-Autumn festival,Jiangsu Meiaisi Corp.,Ltd. held the establishment meeting in the brand culture experience hall ceremoniously .Participants including all the shareholders and shareholder representatives,directors, supervisors, senior managers of our company , as well as representatives of securities firms, law firms, accounting firms, etc.
            All the shareholders achieved highly consistent, signed the joint-stock restructuring related documents, meanwhile ,they elected the first session of the board of directors and board of supervisors. The chairman and general manager Mr Sun Jinming made a keynote speech named“the future 3 to 5 years strategic planning of Meiaisi”,which expounds the next stage of development, strategic planning of our company. Our chairman Sun Jinming’s speech won the applause of all participants, and also let you more clear understanding the future prospect of development of Meiaisi, set up the confidence of growing and developing together with Meiaisi .

        Meiaisi officially changed to Jiangsu Meiaisi Cosmetics Corp.,Ltd and obtained the new business licensethe on September 30, 2015.At this point,the reform of joint-stock system of Meiaisi completed successfully.

        Meiaisi took a key step in the three board !



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